Meet Lindsey.

Findlay Kitchen Lindsey on wood wall 3

“I enjoy the challenges of being responsible for my own successes and failures. I have been provided with so many opportunities that require the entirety of my strengths and capabilities.”

Lindsey began her culinary career at several upscale restaurants as well as advancing her skills at Jungle Jim’s. After obtaining an Associates in Culinary Arts and Bachelors in Food and Beverage management from Johnson & Wales (Charleston, South Carolina), Lindsey began her career consulting for restauranteurs. During that time, she assisted in the conceptualization and opening of The Custom Shop and The Pineville Dinner Theater, as well as several other small bars and cafes. While consulting, she obtained her Masters in Business Management and Administration. 

Lindsey was offered a teaching position in Cincinnati, Ohio at the Art Institute. There she taught for several years in their Associate and Bachelor’s programs. Lindsey also worked as a private chef and caterer for Meritage, a local wine shop, where she catered weekly wine tastings and provided food and wine dinners for visiting vineyard owners and wine makers.  She lived and worked in California for three years before returning home to Cincinnati to be close to family and to finish her Doctorate. 

Fun Fact: Lindsey owns a growing book collection that’s hit 500+ and counting.

Meet Denise.

Denise, like her sister Lindsey, has always loved food! Their father was involved in the food industry for many years. He taught his daughters from an early age how to respect, understand and appreciate food. At the age of 15, Denise began her food and hospitality career working at Dominos Pizza, then moved on to Skyline Chili and eventually ended up in the bakery department at Jungle Jim’s International Market in Fairfield, Ohio. Denise was not only involved in food production but she was also in charge of various aspects of ordering, inventory and process management systems. These job duties and her Bachelors in Business Management and Marketing gave Denise the opportunities and knowledge she needed to begin to discover all the components it takes to run a business.  She has teamed up with her sister Lindsey, to provide administrative and business management support as well as hands on culinary and front of the house services for The Jaded Fork’s catered events and cooking classes. In addition to the working with the Jaded Fork, she runs a full house! She is married to Chris Thomas and they have four children; Luke, Collin, Hunter and Taylor Rose.

Fun Fact: Denise has enough purses and socks for every day of the year!

Meet Debi Jeanne.

Debi Jeanne enjoys being in the kitchen and feels her love shines through to those she cares for, with the delicious and creative meals she prepares.

She first fell in love with cooking at a young age when she would spend time in the kitchen with her father. Debi’s first jobs were working at Williams-Sonoma and Sur La Table, where she hosted the on-site cooking classes. These unique classes featured in-house tools and equipment and unique cooking concepts, which offered Debi the chance to advance her customer service skills and share her passion for food. Her Bachelors of Educational Studies and cooking class experiences have provided her with the opportunity to assist her cousin Lindsey with The Jaded Fork. She enjoys the customized and personalized approach The Jaded Fork takes when planning an event because she likes creating different menus and cooking a variety of foods in new settings. In addition to working with the Jaded Fork, Debi runs a full house and a farm of sorts! She is married to Ben Sumrall and they have four children; Ryan, Addison, Emma, and Matt.

Fun Fact: Debi Jeanne relocated her family to Hamilton, Ohio from Houston, Texas to be closer to family and The Jaded Fork

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